Bowl with us!

You consider yourself as bowlaholic and you want to create the most delicious bowls in town? Perfect, because we are always looking for authentic individualists - just like our bowls :)

Behind the scenes at Fat Monk is a young, motivated team that welcomes our guests every day with a lot of heart and passion and creates the best bowls in the city.
By the way, Fat Monk belongs to Josef Donhauser's Austrian gastronomy family, the DoN group. Our catering group has more than 30 years of experience in the conception and management of restaurants, caf├ęs and bars and is also successful in travel & lounge catering, event catering and staff catering. You therefore benefit from all the advantages of our gastronomy group.

Your Job at Fat Monk

We can guarantee you one thing for sure, it will never get boring at Fat Monk. There is always variety like with events, catering or shootings. If you enjoy working in a team, want to use your skills in different areas and want to put a smile on our guests' faces with delicious food, then Fat Monk is the right place for you.

Flexibility is very important to us, so you have the option to work as a student job, part-time or full-time.

And important side note: Of course, your favorite bowl is on the house during your working hours! (;


Special conditions with partner companies

Free bowl during working hours

Bonus for employees recruit employees

Flexible working hours

Discounts at all DoN Group restaurants

About Fat Monk

For us it's all about bowls - we take international recipes that and fuse them with regional preparation methods. From creatively put together signature bowls to bowls created by our guests themselves.

We are known for our unusual and extravagant ingredients, because we offer more than the classic avocado or edamame. By the way, all of our mayos and dressings are vegan and our plant-based bowl and protein selection makes up more than half of the menu. We love individuality and variety, which is why we also have constantly changing seasonal specials. So no idea is too crazy for us and we love trying out new products - always under the condition of offering absolute freshness and the highest quality.

We convinced you? Then apply now and become part of the Fat Monk family.

We looking forward to hear from you:

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